Welcome to Thoel Farms!

Jessica and Darcy are a young couple looking to make their way through today's technology filled farming industry. Starting their farm from the ground up has been no small feat, but has been worth the time and effort.

In 2018 Thoel Farms began with a small contract swine barn, and has grown to include equine hay production, market gardening, heritage poultry breeding, shop-local retailing, and hydroponics. We are always looking for new opportunities and want to support our local community. 

Take a look at our shop-local website, Burdock Boutique. It is full of Ontario made products and offers Ontario produce delivered right to your door. We want to build a strong local community that can eat good food and be connected with local businesses.


Check out the Heart & Thoel Greens page to learn more about our Ontario vertically grown lettuce brand. We love being able to provide reliable, safe and quality leafy greens year round to our local Ontario community and retailers. 

This Is Us

In 2018 Darcy & Jessica began their farm journey by purchasing land outside of Dundalk, Ontario.  With no idea of what they wanted to do they started to experiment with different homesteading ventures. The decided to work with hydroponic, growing equestrian hay, and starting a farm store. Our future is supporting local and we want to create a shop local community with the same passion.