Growing over 1000 heads of lettuce per week right here in Ontario year-round. All greens are chemical free, non-gmo, and are picked within hours of delivery. Longer shelf life, second-to-none freshness, and year round production are the highlights of our greens. Growing in a steady and controlled climate which allows us to harvest the plants at their peak every single harvest in a sustainable manner.

In our soil-less hydroponic farm water is used to deliver the plants all the nutrients they need. The hydroponic system is closed-loop and extremely water-efficient: using only 5 gallons of water/day to support over 13,000 plants.

The hydroponic farm recreates acres-worth of farmland by using advanced vertical farming techniques

to unlock every inch of growing space.


All of our greens are non-gmo, pesticide free, low carbon footprint and grown with responsible use of space. Our local community deserves the best quality greens all year. 

Please contact us regarding purchasing or retailing at: mailbox@thoelfarms.com.

**We can grow to suit the needs of your retail outlet**

spinach bowl.jpg


The versatile green that goes with anything.



The crunchy health food

super star.

romaine bowl.jpg


The staple leafy green that we all know and love. 



The new kid and the block that is making lots of friends.

spring lettuce bowl.jpg

Spring Mix

The perfect mixture of all the greens we know and love.

butterhead cutting board.jpg


The crowd pleasing soft leafy green,